The phrase that highlights the little ability that human beings have to appreciate what if we have instead of just putting the lens on what we lack. 

I heard this phrase in a predicament that made an incredible internal noise, I think that when that happens we have spent some time thinking only of that pillow that we longed to have but that for some reason makes us lose sight of all the things that have come despite not having that we wanted, I think this generates in large part the problem of living without feeling thank you , because believe it or not to live longing for what is not is as if all the time we feel dissatisfied, anxious or distressed because we are not where “We should”, or “With whom we should”, “Having what we should”, “Winning what we should” and so we are irrationally filling ourselves with so many dissatisfations that we lose the north to live in the present, if we pay more attention we realize all that is so wonderful that happens in our lives while we are connected to the irrational desire of having what’s not yet and that might not come. 

Relationships of couples, dissolved life projects, ruptures, and a lot of situations that probably do not come to fruition, earnestly yearning for something that we do not have can become obsessive to the point of generating in us unpleasant feelings that do not favor our daily life at all and less our mental health. 

Learning to identify possible thoughts that unconsciously lead me to evil inhabited living yearning for things that do not yet come can be a wonderful key to educating our minds toward the power to thank the present and thus enjoy the process of what I want to come, but without feeling distress, anxiety or emotional discomfort. 

Believe it or not, look back of your life and see all the situations that seemed to be alarming and you managed to beat them, watch yourself as if it were a movie you can watch right in front of your eyes, listen, feel and live as at that time you came out angry and today you have the possibility to choose to take those resources that you used to achieve those goals or dreams that you obtained despite the bumpy path you could have, take a look back just to remember how you got over it, as you got up can be a powerful tool that will take you away from the temptation to focus on what you don’t yet have and enjoy today’s path to awakening. 


Some suggestions I want to leave you here are as follows: 

  1. Every morning before you get out of bed, stretch your body and always repeat your favorite mantra: (In my case), Lord God thank you for this new day!, take a deep breath and then get out of bed. 
  1. Every day write 5 things for which you are grateful that day, they can be the simplest things you can imagine: (For a sunset, for a kind gesture of a stranger,for some compliment). 
  1. Connect with your divine wisdom (for me it is God), and you can do it through songs, praises, writing a letter, having a conversation alone, spiritual connection is one of the most important things that greatly relieve lack of faith, I have even raised your sense of gratitude. 
  1. Answer this question during the day: What is in my hands to be able to control?, based on that, you only control what you feel, what you think and what you do, we never control what is not up to us, when you ask yourself these questions you will take a lot of weight off your back. 
  1. Reading a good book, whatever your interest, reading increases your creative ability and greatly decreases anxiety especially when we are hooked on what we don’t have. 
  1. Deceive your brain, always tell him powerful phrases, even if you don’t believe them yourself, there will come a time in the day that from so much repeating them you will believe them: Everything will work well, I will have a productive morning, I will successfully overcome any mishap, I am a person of light, I have the ability to communicate what I feel successfully, and every phrase that adapts to your reality based obviously on a position of positivity.  

There are many ways to learn to be grateful to the present, we could use to review those things that today if we have, sometimes what “is” for “being“loses value, however, if you are reading here I can assure you that, if you look more closely at your reality today, you will discover that you have many reasons to give thanks, even of those things that you do not yet have you will learn to thank the reason why they do not yet arrive.  


May life continue to fill you with unforgettable moments and that you can achieve the magic of living in today. 


With a lot of @PSICOMAMI. 




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